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Meet Dr Greg Goggin, Chiropractor

Seeing Lives Change

Dr Greg GogginWhen Dr Greg was a young boy, his mother suffered from debilitating migraines that would leave her bedridden for days at a time. She tried the traditional approach, including medications and injections, but nothing helped, yet the strain on the family increased.

Finally, she began chiropractic care, and her condition improved. Dr Greg could see the change in his mum, and that changed his life for the better. Very appreciative of the care that turned her life around, Dr Greg’s mum became a chiropractic assistant for her chiropractor, and Dr Greg began receiving care as well.

He spent a lot of time in the office after school, and he noticed that, unlike people he’d seen coming out of other doctors’ offices – who often looked despondent and hopeless – people leaving the chiropractor’s office were uplifted, grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to invest in themselves. Dr Greg wanted to be part of that type of change in people and in the world.

Education and Experience

Dr Greg attended Macquarie University in Sydney, graduating with his Doctor of Chiropractic in 2009. He then returned home to help his childhood chiropractor for 18 months covering as a locom.

In 2011, he moved to Darwin with the vision of bringing life-changing corrective chiropractic care to Territorians.

Objective Results

We believe it’s our professional duty to not only help you feel better but also to provide objective evidence that your care is effective and your health is improving. We stand by our work and rigorously measure progress to ensure we’re making a real difference in your well-being.

Away from the Centre

With three kids under the age of six, Dr Greg is very busy with family activities when he’s not at work. He is also passionate about mentoring new chiropractors and discovering better ways of helping our centre members.

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