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Back Pain and Sciatica Treatment in Darwin

Woman with a sore backDo you need help with back pain or sciatica? We understand how debilitating back pain and sciatica can be in your daily lives. Talk to our experienced chiropractors today. We will help to find the true cause of your pain.

Are you experiencing the following:

  • Muscle tension in your shoulder blades?
  • Restricted movement?
  • Sciatic pain down your legs?
  • Pain when breathing in deeply?
  • Slouched posture?
  • Pain getting in and out of bed?
  • Muscle spasms?

What causes back pain and sciatica?

Back pain is widespread. Mostly due to our sedentary lifestyles which have us constantly slouched over computer screens and phones for hours at a time. In many cases, both upper and lower back pain is caused by structural imbalances of the spine and associated nervous system dysfunction.

Unfortunately, back pain does not tend to get better without treatment.

In the case where back pain improves without any treatment it is common for the problem to return again in the future. Medication can reduce pain, but often covers up the issue rather than resolving the underlying cause.

How chiropractic helps with back pain and sciatica

Through a series of tests, we will figure out EXACTLY what is causing your back pain and work towards fixing it.

Spinal adjustments are a key area of focus in our approach to helping you overcome back pain and improve your mobility. Spinal adjustments made by our experienced chiropractors work towards correcting your spinal alignment. This can aid the body in healing naturally without the use of surgery or medication.

Prevention is key. Through improving the alignment of your spine, your body becomes strong and stable. This will help to prevent back pain and dysfunction from returning in the future.

We will focus on supporting you along your journey with regular adjustments. We will also provide personalised and expert advice regarding your current habits and ergonomics. This allows you to see results as fast as possible, while supporting you into the future.

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