Chiropractic For Children

We believe that chiropractic offers a gentle, effective and drug free approach to children's health care. There is a gap in health services available to our little patients and their families; this gap encompasses babies and children who don't align with the medical model of being acutely unwell, yet repeatedly present to medical practitioners with issues causing parental concern. Often the cause of these issues remains a mystery, even after vigorous testing, and the diagnosis frequently boils down to “first time parent” or “anxious mum” or simply “getting used to daycare.”

Like adults can be hindered by an interruption to the brain-body connection, children can be equally, if not more, susceptible to these effects and may need their spines checked to ensure optimal development. The spine of an infant or growing child is susceptible for many reasons depending on their age, including the trauma of labour and delivery, knocks and falls from copious rough-and-tumble incidents, spectacularly unusual sleep positions, sporting endeavors, heavy school bags, increased screen time and emotional stress. The list is endless, however because children have such a great adaptive capacity these problems are often brushed off as “just a phase” or “growing pains.”

There is a growing body of research indicating the benefits of chiropractic for children since your child’s nervous system determines everything from their perceptions of the world to their very thoughts, movements and behaviour. The spine is what protects this delicate network, hence our chiropractic team are trained to detect and rectify any interference. Chiropractic care for children at NT Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre is practiced in alignment with worldwide consensus guidelines and is individually tailored to suit each child’s age, weight and unique health requirements. Any spinal treatment is administered with maximum safety and comfort. It is very different to what some people have been led to associate with adult adjustments.

We understand that children are not simply “little adults” so care should be provided by practitioners who have extensive knowledge of how these little bodies differ from adults. All members of the exceptional team at NT Chiropractic Health & Wellness are trained to modify their practices to suit the special needs of infants and young children. In particular, Dr Anita is the only chiropractor in Darwin with post-graduate qualifications specifically in chiropractic for children. Our chiropractic team can provide specially tailored chiropractic care for your child as well as evidence-based advice on exercise, nutrition and supporting the brain-body connection.

Before the commencement of care, a thorough examination of your child's health history and spinal function will be performed (children are not usually x-rayed unless there is significant postural concern or trauma). Your chiropractor will discuss the significance of the key findings noted, along with all recommendations, including any possible risks, will all be openly presented to you; as a parent or care-giver you will then be asked to sign to indicate your informed consent before your child undergoes any care. For older children, we will also explain to them in language they can take in, what we are going to do so they too can understand the process, ask any questions and alleviate any fears they may have. At every stage throughout your child's care, you will be kept informed of the reasons for every recommendation  - with the opportunity to clarify at any time  - and ask questions about the best way to enhance your child's health through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. 

Families often stumble across chiropractic for children after conventional medical systems haven’t yielded answers. After visiting us they frequently ask, “Why wasn’t I made aware about chiropractic for children earlier?” Second time parents having already experienced chiropractic for children will often touch base early on to prevent their newborn developing the issues they had with their first child.

When treating your child or baby, our aim is to ensure they receive the optimum care for any issue they present with; hence we will happily work alongside a number of fellow paediatric health professionals, and make referrals where necessary, to give your child the best possible start towards a healthy and happy development.  Rest assured if a serious medical condition is present or suspected, you will be directed to seek medical care.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Throughout pregnancy a woman's body goes through tremendous changes, in a relatively short period of time. Dr Anita is passionate about helping women experience the most comfortable and healthy pregnancy possible. She is very supportive of women's individualised birthing goals and appreciates each woman as unique and different, as is each pregnancy and birth.

Pregnancy is a very special time when health and well-being is of great importance to you and the child developing within. During this time there are many demands on your body and hence both your spine and nervous system are under greater pressure. As the baby grows, your body’s biomechanics must constantly adapt and unfortunately this is no easy task! It can cause poor movement patterns to develop, which can ultimately detract from what should be an exciting and positive pregnancy experience.

At NT Chiropractic & Wellness Centre we assist our pregnant practice members to stay informed and enjoy the journey of pregnancy whilst supporting optimal development for baby and maintaining the best possible function for mum!

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Mum:

  • Very safe and highly effective way to maximise comfort during pregnancy
  • Supports your body’s adaptations through physical changes
  • Enhances the mother’s physical and neurological function
  • Promotes post-delivery healing

How often should I visit during my pregnancy?

How often you will see Dr. Anita varies depending on your reasons for visiting. It also depends on how far along in the pregnancy you are. Dr. Anita typically sees mums-to-be a little more frequently toward the end of the pregnancy because so many changes are happening then!

Postal-Natal Care and Support

This is perhaps the most challenging and sensitive time for a woman and is often an emotional rollercoaster, when many women feel emotionally and physically challenged often to the point of exhaustion. Regardless of birth outcome or child rearing choices, most  women find these next months overwhelming and stressful.  

After a woman gives birth, Dr Anita will then re-evaluate their spine and assists them as they move through the post-natal stages of pregnancy, which involve continued ligamentous laxity, a healing body and a new range of physical and emotional stresses. These include postural strains associated with feeding, nursing and carrying their newborns and re-gaining strength within their own bodies. It is common for women to feel neck and mid-back discomfort as they accommodate to this new role and need some extra support as they navigate through this time in their lives. This also provides the proud new mum the opportunity to ask questions about newborn check ups for her child, her own nutrition or any other concerns she may have as her family begins an exciting new chapter.

Does Chiropractic Hurt?

During pregnancy Chiropractors use specially modified techniques to make spinal adjusting easy, effective and relaxed – we are here to make your life more comfortable! Adjustments are very gentle during pregnancy, far less force is required due to the increasing laxity of ligaments. Special adjusting positions are also incorporated to ensure the utmost comfort and safety of both the pregnant mother and developing baby.

Many problems a woman may suffer during pregnancy are directly related to the health of her spine. A woman’s pelvis supports her growing uterus throughout pregnancy. When the pelvis is balanced, the uterus is allowed to enlarge symmetrically with the baby. An unbalanced or misaligned pelvis will directly affect the way the uterus is supported. Chiropractic works specifically with your pelvis throughout pregnancy to restore a state of balance and create an environment to promote safer and easier delivery. In addition, chiropractic adjustments remove many joint restrictions, allowing the body to function optimally throughout this special time. Your Chiropractor will also provide education on correct posture, lifting techniques and other lifestyle factors to reduce spinal stress as well as recommending exercises to assist in maintaining spinal health.