Dr. Greg Goggin

Dr Greg Goggin began to appreciate the inextricable relationship between good health and quality of life at a very young age, through his own family's health journey. Dr Greg recognises the affinity between our body's structure and function and how we nourish it both physically, mentally and nutritionally. For this reason, Dr Greg strives to not only enable patients to overcome their health challenges but to educate and equip them with the skills and knowledge to maintain their best health for a lifetime.

Dr Greg has a special interest in taking care of families and helping people with headaches and other stress related conditions. Dr Greg’s quest for new knowledge to further his patients’ health is evident in his continued professional learning and he also now enjoys delivering workshops on Stress, Regaining Your Youth and Vitality and The 100 Year Lifestyle.  


As a child Greg, the eldest of four children, witnessed firsthand the debilitating effects poor health has on an entire family. Starting out as ‘normal’ headaches, Greg’s mother over time experienced an increase in the frequency and severity of these ‘normal’ headaches which progressed into severe headaches and eventually migraines.

Each episode lasted for days and saw Greg and his siblings lose their mother, as she would have to hide away in a very silent, dark room suffering from extreme light and sound sensitivity. At times the vomiting would become so severe that she would be hospitalised and require daily medication and injections time and time again. Even as a young seven-year-old child it was obvious to Greg that the drugs were not making his mother any better; instead she would often be absent minded for days after their administration. During these difficult times Greg and his three siblings were cared for by his grandmother or aunt. As you can imagine, the inability to interact with their mother created confusion and immense stress for Greg and his siblings.

It wasn't until his mother started seeing her second chiropractor that things started to change. She had consulted one years ago but it was drastically different to this new experience. Upon discovering the new chiropractor, she found that she was listened to - this doctor wanted every detail - and he then performed an extensive series of tests before sitting down to carefully go over all of her findings, explaining her condition to her in a way that she could completely understand for the very first time.

After this, they worked together to improve her overall health once and for all. Over the course of the next six months, Greg’s mother gradually rediscovered her health and what the real ‘normal’ felt like. In doing so she was able to reclaim her identity as a person, professional and mother – Greg and his siblings now had a mother that was so loving and energetic they felt they had won the lottery! So profound was the change that Greg’s mother became an assistant at this chiropractor’s office in order to help others regain their health in a completely natural and drug-free way, just as she had.


It was during this time that Greg and his siblings started seeing the chiropractor on a regular basis to ensure their spine and nervous systems were functioning optimally and allowing their bodies to self-regulate and express themselves fully.

As a result, Greg found his own health experience didn’t include the colds that his fellow classmates seemed to catch every season (though sadly for the young Greg this made it a lot harder to nab extra days off school!). He also didn’t stress as profoundly when exams were approaching and he was able to compete at a representative level across numerous sports without any serious injury (beyond minor strains associated with collisions on the field – boys will be boys!). This firsthand experience, coupled with sitting in his chiropractor’s waiting room and seeing patients leave actually feeling enthusiastic and excited for their next visit, decided Greg’s future career path.

After finishing school, Greg worked for a year to save enough money to move away from his little country town to the big smoke of Sydney where he completed a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science before a Master of Chiropractic. Due to his achievements, Dr Greg was welcomed into the Golden Key Society for Academic Excellence.

Upon graduation, Dr Greg worked as an associate Doctor in Canberra for another great chiropractor before deciding his calling was much broader and it was time to take his mission to the remote region of northern Australia; a mission which has resulted in the creation of the NT Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre in 2011. (Hooray!!)


So determined to improve the health of his community is Dr Greg that he continues to learn every day. In December 2015, Dr Greg completed his Masters in Ergonomics Safety and Health at Latrobe University in Melbourne, with the aim of reducing the overwhelming workplace stresses - both physical and emotional  - we face in the modern workforce. Improving workplace health not only enhances productivity for the employer (which equals more profits!) but more importantly creates a happier and more manageable workplace for its workers, sending them home to their families happy rather than distressed. This allows them to be the loving spouse, parent or general citizen they are designed to be. Dr Greg now also delivers workshops on achieving wellness in the workplace by focusing on stress, ergonomics and maximising productivity.

When not in the office Dr Greg can be found in the gym, running, enjoying fresh air, learning, speaking, visiting family and spending quality time with his fiancé. In addition to this, Dr Greg circumnavigates the world to find the best information to bring back for his patients! It is not uncommon for Dr Greg to travel to the other side of the world several times a year to further his training. Other qualifications include being a Certified Posture Expert by the American Posture Institute, a Certified Sympathetic Dominance Practitioner, a Demartini Values Training Facilitator and a member of the Chiropractors' Association of Australia (CAA).