Our Unique and Different Approach

We’ll help you determine exactly what’s required in order to reach your health goals and keep you informed about how best to take care of yourself every step of the way.

Located in Darwin, we offer a unique and different approach to chiropractic care and ensure YOU are our top priority. We want to discover where YOUR health is right now, what YOUR health concerns are and what YOUR health goals are - we understand that healthy living is a journey unique to each individual. With our gentle and effective chiropractic techniques and knowledge of exactly what it takes to get well and stay well, our goal is not only to help you to OVERCOME YOUR HEALTH CHALLENGES but to assist you in REGAINING YOUR HEALTH AND VITALITY!


We believe that every person should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential through optimal health. Our mission is to empower each person to become the best version of themselves through positive transformation.

“You were born to be healthy, not sick” is our mantra. People often forget this in our modern busy world because ‘sick’ or ‘tired’ have become the new ‘normal’. More often than not, we have the potential to be so much healthier than we actually are! We are so often told that disease is a result of bad germs, bad genes or bad luck - in reality disease is most often caused by bad behaviours, which means YOU have the power to change it!

In order to fulfil our purpose, we have a unique and different approach which emphasises the cooperative value of both patient treatment and education. When patients are educated, they are empowered to take better care of themselves. In partnering with you, it is our responsibility to not only see that you get well but to teach you how to stay well! This, we believe, is the solution to the current health care crisis. Our health and sense of identity are intrinsically connected  - as our health declines, so too does our ability to do the things we love; as a result, we can often lose sight of the very essence of who we are. When patients learn how to make choices that support optimal living, they gain the autonomy to determine their own identities - without any health limitations!

One of the things we find most fulfilling is to see patients get well – to see them regain their lives. We love to see our patients start raising their families within the practice and adopting our logical belief that we are supposed to be healthy! Our patients learn that their choices matter, their decisions matter, and their behaviours matter – they are what drive healthy outcomes. It is by spreading this knowledge that we can improve the health of our community.

Our Approach Sets Us Apart

At NT Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre, we ask – AND ANSWER! - the questions that really matter.

As your family chiropractor, we will focus on your spine, just like a dentist works with teeth and cardiologists work with the heart.

Why Do We Focus On The Spine?

Because the spine has two functions:

  • It supports and keeps us upright.
  • It protects the spinal cord!

The way our spine supports us is called our posture. Your posture is like a window into the health of your spine and nervous system. Poor posture = a poorly functioning nervous system.

A healthy spinal cord is ESSENTIAL to our overall health. The brain controls every body function by sending energy down the spinal cord. The spinal cord is like a river carrying life energy from the brain, through the spine, to EVERY single vital organ, tissue and cell in the body. Each and every organ, tissue and cell is TOTALLY DEPENDENT on that energy to keep us alive and healthy.

Chiropractic is the only healthcare profession to fully appreciate and treat the brain-body connection.

What Happens If We Interfere With The Brain-Body Connection?

Even the slightest change in the brain-body connection can have a significant effect on your health – sometimes without you being consciously aware of it! Ultimately the nervous system determines the efficiency of every process undertaken by the body – sleeping, digestion, healing, reproduction, immune responses, muscle stamina, thought processes, concentration, the list is endless! So any slight glitch in the connection can have immense health effects.

As your family chiropractor, our role is to ensure the entire nervous system is working in harmony to allow your health to thrive. Maintaining unified communication between the brain and body is crucial for every person wishing to reach their optimal health – from children and expectant mothers to athletes and the elderly.

Our chiropractic care is as much a practice of health maintenance and optimisation as it is for treating specific symptoms and conditions. Anyone with a desire for greater overall health can benefit from increasing the function of their nervous system.

Can Chiropractors use Gentle Techniques For Great Results?

Contrary to popular belief, chiropractic care can be a very gentle experience. Our unique and different approach to chiropractic care includes using gentle techniques to get great results. Our patients regularly comment on how gentle we are! It is our firm belief that the quality of an adjustment comes from the precision of its delivery and not its direct force. We perform gentle chiropractic adjustments using very light adjusting techniques. Our gentle, effective and drug-free approach sets us apart from other health practitioners.

How Do I Know If I Need Chiropractic Care?

Since chiropractors themselves find it difficult to self-diagnose, it's impossible for an un-trained person to know! To determine if you need chiropractic care, we perform objective testing to measure your spine and nerve system function  - “We Don't Guess, We Test!” Once we have determined the health of your spine and nervous system we will have a clear picture of if, and how, we can help to provide the best recommendations for you and your family.

Indicators that may suggest it is time to make an appointment include persistent aches or pains, stiffness, burning or numbness in your body, high level or repeated physical or emotional stress, sitting long periods every day or performing heavy or repetitive physical activities, if you are noticing uneven wearing on the soles of your shoes, if you notice asymmetry on your body or the way your clothes hang on your body, if you or family members are very active, particularly if they are still growing or individuals who have big goals in life which are dependent on a healthy, strong body to achieve these goals.

Is Chiropractic Safe?

Chiropractic is generally recognised as one of the safest drug-free, non-invasive modalities available to assist with neuromusculoskeletal complaints. Like all forms of health care it can cause potential adverse effects in some individuals, though statistically the risks are very small. To even further negate risks, we take the time to conduct a thorough history and examination and are very selective in who we accept as patients and in what is included in each and every individual’s specific care plan.